Kaarme is the trusted free networking and information site for students to connect with Colleges, Universities, and Scholarships.

Students, athletes, parents and counselors use Kaarme's student Resume Builder and search tools to connect with prospective schools and scholarships. Our users engage in two-way communication with college admissions officers, coaches, counselors, and scholarship funds. Kaarme provides the world's most advanced student database and search system for colleges, coaches, and counselors to find and connect with students.

Kaarme was founded in 2006 by concerned parents to expand college opportunities for high school students. Our goal is to make college education accessible and affordable by connecting colleges, parents, counselors, and coaches in a safe networking environment, free of charge.

Fastweb, Scholarships.com, and all the leading "free" scholarship and college search sites sell personal student data to third parties. We at Kaarme believe this is unsafe for students and do not sell student data. Our rapid adoption rate with high schools tells us that thousands of counselors and parents have similar concerns. If you too have these concerns, ask that a Kaarme Link be placed on your high school website as well. Your students deserve a safe resource.

Kaarme offers 90% of our products at no cost and currently allocates over 50% of any profits to scholarships for students. About Kaarme Scholarships

Kaarme is 100% USA based and staffed. We do NO outsourcing to other countries.

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